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Top 10 Biggest Festivals in Canada

Festival in Canada

Festival in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia, with an area of 9.9 million square kilometres. It's not just the size of the territory. Many other things make Canada unique. Various extreme weather earned him the nickname ice shards. The country is near the arctic, so extreme winters are often encountered.

In addition, there are still some other unique facts from the Canadian country, including the best festivals in Canada.

10 Best List Festivals in Canada

There are many great festivals that you can enjoy in Canada. Some of them are very popular among people who come to this country. You must know about these festivals to visit this incredible country and enjoy your favourite events with your family. Here is a list of the 10 best festivals in Canada for you to review.

1. Celtic Colors International Event

Celtic Colors International Event is one of the most popular events in Canada. Many people want to attend it. It is usually held every October. The event was created to commemorate Celtic culture in North America. If you are interested in hearing about some traditional festivals, consider coming to this event.

2. Montreal Just For Laughs Festival

Montreal Just For Laughs Festival

The Just for Laughs Montreal Festival is another famous festival in Canada. The event is designed so that people can have fun with family and relatives. The festival is usually held every July. Many people are interested in attending because this festival is already trendy nowadays.

3. Montreal Jazz Festival

Montreal Jazz Festival

If you love Jazz music, you should come to this festival. This is one of the big events that you and your family can attend. Every July, an international jazz festival is usually held in Montreal. There are more than 2,000 jazz musicians from all over the world participating in this event.

4. Quebec Winter Festival

Quebec Winter Festival

The best winter festival activity in Canada is usually held at the end of January in Quebec, Canada. On average, many tourists participate in this festival while enjoying different types of traditional food and drinks from the country.

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5. Winterlude


Some Canadians are interested in visiting this festival. It is one of the winter festivals you must visit in Canada. You can enjoy the longest ice rink, snow play, ice crafting and many other features at this festival.

6. Edmonton Folk Festival

It is one of the most popular premier folk festivals around the world. Many people are interested in visiting this event. This event is usually celebrated every August. You will enjoy some folklore from this famous festival. Many tourists want to visit this festival when they are in Canada.

7. Toronto International Film Festival

If you like watching movies, you must come to this show. It is one of the best film festivals in the world. There are several major films to be announced during this festival. The event is usually held in Toronto every September. Read Also: 5 Best Places to Visit in Canada

8. Vancouver Symphony of Fire

Many tourists are waiting for this event when they visit Canada. It is believed to be the largest fireworks competition in the world. It is generally held every summer in Vancouver, Canada. You can participate in this annual event if you like watching beautiful fireworks.

9. Calgary Stampede

It would be best if you did not forget about this festival when you visit Calgary, Canada. The festival is usually held every July. There are more than 1 million people who come to this festival. You can enjoy some culture when you visit this festival. Remember to bring your family when you visit this Calgary Stampede.

10. Pride (Toronto)

Pride (Toronto)

A celebration of the diversity of the LGBT community in the Greater Toronto Area. It is one of the largest gay pride festivals in the world, featuring several stages with live performances of DJs, Several licensed venues, a large March, Trans March and Pride Parade. Although the exact number of participants cannot be determined, estimates in recent years range from 500,000 to more than one million for 1 week. Then about 100,000 people for the marching event itself. The festival is often touted as one of North America's most significant cultural festivals. The 22 city blocks of the festival site are closed to vehicular traffic.

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