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4 Best Korean Natural Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

Natural Beauty Tips
Copyright Photograph - Pexels.com

Having a naturally beautiful face is undoubtedly the dream of many people. You can realize this dream by doing the following steps that not only maintain beauty but can nourish the body as well. What are they?

Who doesn't know about the land of Korean ginseng? Not only famous for its food, music, and drama series, Korea also has a variety of beauty trends widely followed by people worldwide, including in Indonesia.

Popular with the appearance of glass skin or glass clear skin, most Korean women are also synonymous with their youthful appearance. You can also obtain a clear and youthful appearance like a Korean woman.

Reporting from Her Zindagi, here are 4 Korean women-style beauty tips you can try at home to look younger. Come on, check it out!

Best Korean Natural Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

Natural Beauty Tips
Copyright Photograph - Pexels.com

1. Add face oil to the foundation

Korean women often add face oil as a mixture of foundations they use before blending all over the face and neck for better hydration. You can imitate this trick if you want radiant and dewy skin.

To maximize their complexion, not infrequently, Korean women also like to wear primers and eye creams that contain pearl extract. Vegetable for dry skin, pearl extract is useful for eliminating imperfections while making the skin look more youthful and radiant.

2. Double cleansing before makeup

The concept of double cleansing doesn't doubt its benefits. As the name implies, this routine consists of 2 stages:

First cleansing using micellar water products
  • Cleansing balm or cleansing oil
  • Double cleansing using the facial wash

Well, in addition to being done after using makeup, Korean women often do double cleansing before applying makeup. It aims to get rid of excess oil and bacteria that stick to the skin of the face. Korean women are convinced that the basis of perfect makeup is clean skin.

3. Do not rub the skin

Are you one of the people who like to use skincare by rubbing? It's best to stop the habit if you don't want your skin sagging and wrinkled prematurely.

In Korea, applying skincare products by rubbing is taboo. Then it's no surprise that most Korean women look younger than their actual age.

If you also want to look youthful like a Korean woman, replace the skincare rubbing movements you usually do with tap-tap or gently pat movements. The same should also apply when using a towel instead of pulling it. Although it tends to be difficult to get used to, ensure you consistently apply these tips and see the results slowly.

4. Using snail mucin skincare

Korean women like to apply skincare products that contain snail mucin. Although it seems disgusting, who would have thought that snail mucin has various extraordinary benefits, including treating skin irritation, hydrating, and providing natural light to the skin?

So, what the heck is snail mucin? Snail mucin is the mucus secreted by snails when they are stressed. A plastic surgeon in New York named Matthew Schulman revealed anecdotal evidence to suggest that the proteins in snail mucus have anti-aging benefits, and clinical trials have validated that. In addition, snail mucin also can restore skin conditions from sun damage.

In essence, you should try skincare that contains snail mucin to improve your skin's texture and quality.

Those are the beauty tips in the style of Korean women that you can practice to look younger. Are you interested in trying it out?
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