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Heart Problem Causes, You Need to Know

Heart Problem Causes
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Heart Disease Definition

Heart disease is a condition when the heart is impaired. Some types of heart disease, among others:

  • Coronary heart disease is a heart disease that occurs due to the narrowing of blood vessels in the heart.
  • Congenital heart disease is a heart problem found since infancy, the most common of which is seen is a leak of heart valves.
  • Heart infection (endocarditis) is an infection of the heart's inner lining.
  • Heart failure is a failure of the heart muscle to pump blood adequately throughout the body.
  • Arrhythmia is a heart rhythm disorder that causes an abnormal heart rate.

 Causes of Heart Disease

Causes of Heart Disease
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Here is a review of heart disease that many people rarely know.

1. High Blood Pressure

Besides being able to cause stroke, high blood disease is also believed to be the cause of heart disease which is quite popular. High blood pressure in severe conditions can make your head very dizzy and painful and even interfere with the health of your internal organs, including the heart.

High blood pressure can usually reach up to 140/90 mmHg. With this high blood pressure, your heart will work harder. It will put a load on your heart and blood vessels.

2. High Cholesterol Levels

Currently, there are two types of cholesterol: bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. If the amount of bad cholesterol in your body increases, blood clots will be in the walls of your blood vessels.

With higher LDL levels, it can cause atherosclerosis which will cause heart disease to occur more quickly.

3. Smoking Habit

This smoking habit is quite popular as a cause of heart disease can appear quickly. There is because carbon monoxide and nicotine in cigarettes can cause heart disease. After all, it facilitates the formation of clots.

Not only that, the presence of harmful compounds in cigarettes can trigger damage to the walls of the heart arteries. Not only that, even though you are not a smoker, if you are often exposed to cigarette smoke from others, you will also be at risk of heart disease.

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4. Has a Bad Lifestyle

Also, having a sinful lifestyle can increase heart disease to attack you. For example,

  •  the habit of choosing fast food 
  • drinking alcoholic beverages and lacking physical activity such as exercise.

If you don't want to get heart disease, it's a good idea to change your bad habits immediately.

5. Family History

Causes that can trigger the occurrence of other heart diseases are hereditary. Although this genetic factor is relatively low, you should always be vigilant if you find your family members, such as your parents, have a history of heart disease before.

Always choose a healthy lifestyle to be kept away from heart disease.

6. Obesity

Obesity or being overweight is also believed to cause heart disease. There is because, in obese patients, a lot of fat accumulates and causes oxygen that enters the body is not smooth.

Obesity can cause hypertension, and people with hypertension are also susceptible to heart disease.

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