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Sign and Symptoms of a Heart Attack

What are the sign and symptoms of heart problem?

What are the sign and symptoms of heart problem?
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The following are symptoms of heart disease that you need to be aware of from the beginning so that later you get treatment quickly before your heart disease gets worse. Check out the review.

1. Frequent Headaches

The initial symptom of a fetal disease that you need to be aware of is the appearance of headaches with different levels, even until the head feels very painful. In general, headaches suffered by heart processors will appear when exposed to sunlight. Owners of heart disease usually have a slower heart rate.

Also, if you are a woman and often experience migraines, you should be vigilant because, according to some researchers, migraines in women can indicate if the person has heart disease.

2. Irregular Heart Rate

If you feel an irregular heartbeat from its normal condition, you must be vigilant immediately because this could be an early symptom of heart disease. The erratic beat generally occurs due to muscle thickening in the heart valves.

3. Chest Pain

In addition, a common symptom you can feel to find out whether you have heart disease is usually the sufferer who will complain of chest pain.

This chest pain will later affect the sufferer in the form of shortness of breath. Tal is just short of breath, and you will feel cold sweats and nausea accompanied by a pulse that will beat faster.

This chest pain is caused by a blockage in the arteries so that blood cannot be channelled into the body smoothly.

4. Easily Feel Tired

Not only that, other symptoms that people with heart disease can feel are quickly tired. Usually, they will easily feel tired even though they don't do much heavy work. The fatigue even feels excessive.

In addition, the sufferers will also feel infested with anxiety. There is because several things cause stress, one of which is the loss of life.

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