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What is the best Treatment for Heart Disease

Treating Heart Disease
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 Treating Heart Disease

If you feel a heart attack with severe pain, it's a good idea to immediately go to the hospital or the nearest clinic to get treatment directly. In general, the purpose of getting this treatment is to save the heart muscle more.

Usually, the type of treatment you will get depends on the results of tests that the doctor will do and the administration of certain drugs to relieve the pain experienced.

The types of tests that doctors usually use include an EKG or electrocardiogram where this type of test can show how signs of damage to your heart are caused by a coronary heart. In addition, this test can show signs of a heart attack that has or is attacking.

In addition, coronary angiography tests are usually chosen by a doctor. This treatment is done by inserting a flexible tube in the blood vessels in the upper thighs, neck and arms.

Heart Disease Prevention Programs

For those of you who have not been affected by heart disease or are treating it, it's good you do the following ways to avoid heart disease.

  1. Avoid smoking or keep away from secondhand smoke. Considering cigarette smoke carries many toxins that endanger the condition of your body.
  2. Always diligently control your cholesterol and blood pressure so that it is stable
  3. If you have heart disease during the treatment period, it is better to take only medicines recommended by your doctor.
  4. Always control your blood sugar and stress levels. If necessary, to avoid stress, you can take a yoga class.
  5. Choose nutritious foods so that the body can get enough nutrients.
  6. Always do sports activities once a week or according to your schedule.
  7. Be diligent in seeing a doctor.

Keeping the body healthy is crucial for avoiding various diseases, including heart disease. Few people have lost their lives due to a lack of further understanding of heart disease.

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